Real Property Law

Practice Areas

Real property law encapsulates the intricacies of rights associated with land and any structures upon it. At Dagher Law, we delve deep into this legal domain, ensuring our clients' rights and interests related to their tangible assets are safeguarded and maximized.

Key Areas of Our Expertise

  1. Land Ownership and Rights:
    Whether it's surface rights, mineral rights, or air rights, we help clients understand and assert their entitlements in accordance with state and local regulations.
  2. Land Use and Zoning:
    As areas grow and develop, land use and zoning regulations often change. We guide clients through these shifting terrains, ensuring their property use aligns with regulatory mandates and optimizes their investment.
  3. Easements and Covenants:
    Navigating the right to use someone else's land (easements) or understanding the conditions associated with property use (covenants) can be complex. We demystify these terms, ensuring clients’ rights are clear and protected.
  4. Boundary and Title Disputes:
    Conflicts over property boundaries or title ownership can escalate if not managed properly. We provide adept representation, advocating for our clients to ensure just resolutions.
  5. Mortgages and Foreclosures:
    Whether you're securing a mortgage or navigating foreclosure proceedings, our team ensures you're legally fortified, protecting your interests and guiding you through each step.
  6. Adverse Possession:
    In cases where possession and property use over time may lead to ownership rights, we help clients understand, assert, or defend against claims of adverse possession.
  7. Property Development and Environmental Compliance:
    For clients aiming to develop or renovate properties, we provide end-to-end guidance, ensuring all projects are in compliance with environmental and developmental regulations.

At Dagher Law, we recognize that real property is more than just land—it’s an embodiment of one’s aspirations, investments, and future. As such, our dedication goes beyond mere legal counsel; we are unwavering allies in our clients' property endeavors, championing their rights and amplifying their successes in real property law.

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